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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Book of Mormon Songs

I'm really excited about an idea that I'm going to use tomorrow.  It's so simple, but I think it will be really fun!  I'm first going tell the kids that we're singing about a special book today.  Then we'll sing the "Books in the Book of Mormon" song and put up a timeline that coincides with the books.  Then I'm going to add to the time line pictures that go with the stories that are in the verses of the song "Book of Mormon Stories".  We'll go down the timeline and as we get to each picture, we'll lift it up and there will be the words to the verse that go with it. (I'm going to print each verse on a sheet of paper and attach the verses behind the pictures ahead of time and put them up with the picture when I put in on the timeline.)  I think it will be fun for the kids to see them in order.  I was going to add "Nephi's Courage" at the beginning with a picture of Nephi, then I found a verse for him that a lady named Emily Rosengren has made up, so might do that.  I guess you could do both! :)  She did several fun extra verses that you can find here on Sugardoodle. For the Sr. Primary, I think I'll add in all the "extra verses" So the order is:
  • Books in the Book of Mormon
  • Book of Mormon Stories (BOMS) verse #1
  • BOMS extra verse - Nephi
  • BOMS extra verse - Enos

  • BOMS extra verse - King Benjamin

  • BOMS verse #4 - Abinadi

  • BOMS verse #3 - Alma

  • BOMS verse #5 - Ammon

    • BOMS verse #6 - 2,000 Stripling Warriors

    • BOMS extra verse - Moroni

    • BOMS verse #7 - Samuel the Lamanite

  • BOMS verse #8 -  Christ

    • BOMS extra verse - Jared's Brother

    • BOMS verse #2
    I've realize a little problem.  The stories in the Book of Mormon are not in chronological order! For example, the story of the brother of Jared on the timeline comes BEFORE the story of Lehi and his family but for the Books in the BOM song, the book of Ether needs to be in the right place.  Another example is that in the book of Mosiah the story of King Benjamin comes before Abinadi and then the story of Alma the younger however, chronologically it goes Abinadi and then Benjamin and Alma are at the same time.   So what I've decided to do, is for Jr. Primary, only do the books in order, put the pictures in the books they go in.  For the Sr. Primary, I'm going to do the timeline first and then "compile" the stories the way that they appear in the BOM to sing the songs. :D

    D'net Layton made a Book of Mormon stories wheel that I think would be cool to print of and assemble with an arrow with a brad.  The Junior Primay would get a kick out of finding the right picture on their wheel that goes with the verse we're singing!  Here are some actions you can do with the verses. I'm not sure who made them up, but they're posted on Sugardoodle.  We may not get through all of them, but we can save extras for another day. :)