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Monday, December 4, 2017

Thanksgiving Sing a Story

I found this on Camille's Primary Ideas (she has a lot of great ones!) and I really love it and want to keep it for future reference. It's a story book where the children sing Primary songs to go with each piece of the story of the first Thanksgiving. Really clever. Here's the link to her page:

Stuffed Turkey

This is one I REALLY wanted to do this year, but I was super short on time to teach Christmas songs before the ward party, so I didn't. Next year though! I also found this online and have no idea who to credit, but it's a very fun idea. Basically, you make a turkey body out of a paper bag and the legs out of smaller paper bags. You "stuff" the inside with slips of paper of songs you want to sing (you could also put ways to sing them).

Children All Over the World

I also found these ideas on the FB page for Primary Choristers (I wish I had paid attention to who the person was that published the first one so that I could give her credit). The first one is similar to the "Oh What Do You Do in the Summertime" posters I posted, where the children put their head through the hole. The second one (contributed by Kaylee Perron) is having them dress up holding signs with the words (she had the printed one and how to say it). The third one (contributed by Karen Skousen Robinson) also uses posters but the heads go above the bodies, no face holes. She did a male on one side and a female on the other to avoid children not wanting to be one of them because it's not their gender. I think they're all cute ideas!

Pumpkin Patch

I did this activity for picking a song this past fall. It was super easy! I placed stickers with the numbers 1-5 on the bottom of some decorative pumpkins (you could use mini real one too, or hey large ones too! ha ha!) I placed them on a sprig of fake greenery and voila! Pumpkin Patch! Then as they picked one, I just looked on my list to see which song corresponded with the number. You could also write the actual song on the sticker or on some tape.

I'm All Made of Hinges

I saw this idea on the FB page for Primary Choristers and LOVED it. The kids did too! I was able to use it for both Jr. and Sr. Primary and Nursery! Win-win-win! I told the children that we had a special guest that day, "Bro. Bones". I had him "dance" for them and then put him in a funny position that we all mimicked as we sang, then I changed it to another funny position and we'd sing again. It was really fun. The first picture is the one I saw on FB, the second is my adaption. Super easy to make with a stack of small ribbed paper plates, brads, glue and a marker. I just printed the words in sections, cut them and glued them on.

Oh What Do You Do In The Summertime?

This last summer I was called as Primary Chorister again! I was so excited!! Best calling in the church! Since then, I've been taking pictures of things to share but never took the time to post them! I need to learn how to do it from my phone. I remembered another chorister using these posters for the song "Oh What Do You Do in the Summertime" years ago and loved them. When I was chorister last time, I just gathered some props for them to use. This time I was determined to make my own. I borrowed this set and got to work. I changed a couple of them and got my set all drawn and my kids were helping me color them. Somehow before finishing the last couple of posters, we ran out of steam and I never finished them! I will for next summer and I will post them but in the meantime, I thought you might enjoy seeing the posters that inspired me. They LOVE using these posters and we especially get a lot of giggles when a boy is one of the girls, so funny!

Saturday, July 29, 2017

I Believe in Being Honest

I was working on my singing stuff for tomorrow and decided I wanted to do a song to go with the Sharing Time message, which tomorrow is honesty.  I looked up in the index and saw a couple songs I knew but several songs I was not familiar with.  I listened to them and was delighted with a song I've never heard before called "I Believe in Being Honest". It's catchy and easy to sing. So like every good chorister, I started digging around the internet for a flipchart. Ha ha! I only found one! It was adorable but not one I could use with the guidelines from our Stake Primary Leaders (no cartoon stuff unless from so I made my own. Since there aren't a lot of choices out there, I thought I'd share! (I can't remember how to make this a link, so until I do just copy and paste the address.)