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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Valentine Ideas

I read some really cute Valentine ideas, but none of them fit what I was wanting to do.  So I just made a variation of the old "Choose A Song" idea.  First I made a list of songs that talked about love, then I chose five to choose from for the first week (we didn't get to all of them) and rotated in different songs each week as we sang them.  I just put the names of the songs on stickers on the back of some heart die cuts from the $ store and put them in a cute little Valentine bag I have for them to choose from.  By only having five at a time, I only had to bring half the visual aids each week.

 Here are the songs I used:
  • I'll Walk With You
  • I'm Trying To Be Like Jesus
  • Jesus Said Love Everyone
  • Love Is Spoken Here
  • Love One Another
  • We Are Different (3rd verse)
  • I Love To See The Temple
  • We Are A Happy Family
  • Love At Home
  • If I Listen With My Heart
I also moved my "helper popsicle sticks" from the soup can they are normally in, to a Valentine pail.  (The tape on the ends of the popsicle sticks helps me see right off who has been chosen and who hasn't and I can still leave them all together.)

One week, I had the Primary kids figure out how to make a heart with their hands and everytime we sang the word "LOVE" they made a heart.  :)  It was fun and kept the younger kids attention as they were listening for the right word.

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