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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Stand For the Right

I was scrambling around looking for a flipchart for this song and found this simple fun idea by Cara Webber on Sugerdoodle:

Our prophet has some words for you (boy stands holding picture of prophet)

And these are the words:

“Be true, be true.”
(only boy holding picture says “be true, be true”)

At work or at play,
(child holds up broom in one hand and baseball bat in other hand)

In darkness or light,
(child holds up flashlight and turns it on when everyone sings “light”)

Be true, be true,
(boy holding prophet’s picture says “be true, be true”)

And stand for the right.
(everyone stands when singing “stand for the right”)

What I changed:

For "Be true, be true" I actually made a sign for Sr. Primary to hold with the words on it.  For Jr. Primary I laminated a large bee cutout.

For "work" and "play" I used a duster and a baseball (they fit better in my bag than a broom and bat).

It was nice because I could put everything in a small bag and I took the bag with me for a couple of weeks.  They learned it really fast, and had it memorized by the end of March. :)

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