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Saturday, July 29, 2017

I Believe in Being Honest

I was working on my singing stuff for tomorrow and decided I wanted to do a song to go with the Sharing Time message, which tomorrow is honesty.  I looked up in the index and saw a couple songs I knew but several songs I was not familiar with.  I listened to them and was delighted with a song I've never heard before called "I Believe in Being Honest". It's catchy and easy to sing. So like every good chorister, I started digging around the internet for a flipchart. Ha ha! I only found one! It was adorable but not one I could use with the guidelines from our Stake Primary Leaders (no cartoon stuff unless from so I made my own. Since there aren't a lot of choices out there, I thought I'd share! (I can't remember how to make this a link, so until I do just copy and paste the address.)

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