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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Scripture Songs

We started the year off with one of our favorite scripture songs, "Scripture Power".  Of course the children had to raise their scriptures in the air on "Scripture Power", they LOVE this song.

Since this year's theme (2011) focuses on the scriptures.  I set a goal to have all the Primary children learn the books in each of the standard works through the songs in the Children's Songbook.  So today I introduced them to the children by just singing through each of them.  They already know the "Books in the Book of Mormon" one pretty well, but I have plans to work on each of them little at a time throughout the year until they know all of them.  For teaching "The Books in the New Testament" and "The Books in the Old Testament" I plan on using some ideas I read on Sugardoodle , Sugardoodle 2 that I really liked.

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