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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Snowflake Matching Game

January is snow month for me.  I kind of have a fettish with snowflakes.  So today I wore a sweater with snowflakes on it (and necklace and earrings).  We sang "Rain Is Falling All Around", the snow version and "Once There Was A Snowman".  I also prepared some die cut snowflakes for a matching game.  Years ago I purchased some really beautiful ones from Shindigz for an activity and I've used them over and over for different things.  They were perfect for this game.

I wrote numbers on the back of five of them that corresponded to the five songs we sang for singing time and then taped them with five matching ones to a board.  As each helper came up, I had them choose a snowflake and it's match to find which song we would sing.  It was fast, simple and fun.

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